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Mallori is a rare and valuable find. She is communicative, a problem solver, she takes initiative, and she has amazing skills in both instructional design and online learning development. Not only that, but she has an incredible knack for making everything look good 🤩 I hired Mallori to work as my right hand for almost a year until she outgrew my nest.

In that time I had her run my project management, develop courses, craft my marketing strategies, and I even let her speak directly with my clients! Her help was a major contribution to my business growth in 2020. If you have the opportunity to work with Mallori you will not only get fantastic service you will get someone who will be an incredible asset to your team and project.

She’s wicked smart, driven, kind, and a gem 💎 I highly recommend Mallori for any client, job, or whatever she aims to apply her talents to. Feel free to reach out to me directly for more glowing reviews. I can’t say enough about how much having her on my team blessed me, the team, our projects, and the business.